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If our company name doesn’t already state strongly enough, at Ami Vision with each client we take care of we hold a vision in place. Build your brand with us, at Ami Vision no pipeline dream is too narrow to execute. Let us make your vision a reality.


At Ami Vision we believe in breaking boundaries, get rid of the mundane in exchange for bold and daring sophistication. A level above the rest is what we aim for with all our services.


We provide bespoke services for all our clientele needs, an essential pit stop in the long term plan for your brand. We keep up with trends, market changes and everything your brand needs to make it to the top.

Digital Marketing

At Ami Vision, you will grow your success for yourself, but never on your own.
Our mission is to support you to help you get started. We schedule weekly online calls and offer courses in digital marketing (how to use your networks) to guide you to the top of the ladder of success.
Our mission is to create a workplace for you from your smartphone through our applications available on Apple Store and Android.

Mobile App

Trading at your fingertips

At Ami Vision, we offer several types of mobile trading applications designed for both beginners and professionals. These applications are all available directly from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Have you requested a mobile application?
  • Shift: Designed for beginners and professionals

Shift is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use trading app in the world.
It’s as easy as : Copy & Paste!

-Full transparency of the traders
-Push notification & Sound alert
-Trade status updates in real- time
-Risk management tool
-PipStars : view Traders skill in exclusive rank
-PipFly: Exclusive smart tool for copy and paste
-Exclusive filters and customizations

Better traders in a single tap!

  • WOW: Free your learning

– Training every day with educators
– Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
– Unlimited replays available on the platform

A powerful live streaming platform to transform your learning experience and take it to the next level!

  • Orakle: Your trading assistance!

– 100% automated tools on a dedicated platform
– Service adaptable to your schedule
– Transparency of results and history

  • Mind Hub: Learn on the go!

-100% of courses in Forex, Crypto, Real estate,
-Blockchain,Personal Development, E-com and much more…
-Multiple Language
-Community Mentorship
-End of module Test
-Incentive and Contribution Participation

  • Quest Travel: Exclusive travel club. Save up to 75%

With Quest, life is an adventure!
So grab your bag and enjoy!

– Up to 75% discount on hotels
– Flights with exclusive discounts
-+ 1500 Praise VIP at airports around the world
-+25,000 cruises at exclusive prices
-Personal travel agent, concierge

You get paid when customers save money.

  • Quantum: Personal Business Assistant

The first all-in-one app built to help you market online and offine.
Totally automated.

-Email Marketing
-Personal Website
-Social Marketing
-Rewards and Gamification

Build your business on the go all you need is your mobile.

It’s time to remove the rear!



We have a specialized team of professional traders who analyze the right opportunities for you.

We are in partnership with a leading and regulated broker.
Vantage FX is a CIMA regulated Forex broker, providing traders with access to the global Forex market through top tier FX liquidity providers.

Clients can access and open their trading account through our broker Vantage Fx.


For our clients of Muslim faiths they will have the possibility to request an opening of an Islamic account with our broker.
“The Islamic account has the particularity of not having swap fees, it is also called an account without swap. This account does not impose any interest rate charges that are deducted from your account when you hold your position overnight. You may, however, pay other position administration fees.
Vantage FX offers a Sharia Compliant Islamic Account certified by the Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Sheikh Hassan Qamra. This account can be ECN or Standard STP. It is available on request from the broker”.

Financial Market

The Forex Market

Foreign Exchange (forex or FX) is the trading of one currency for another. For example, one can swap the U.S. dollar for the euro. Foreign exchange transactions can take place on the foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex Market.

The largest financial market in the world.

6.6 Trillion dollars daily.
Live 24 hours per day,5 days in week.
+10 million people trade forex online.
Can be traded from any device.

The Digital Currency Market

Crypto currencies were popularized thanks to Bitcoin. There are now several thousand of them, but
beware 99% have no real use and will be quickly forgotten. They are also given the names of
virtual currencies, cryto-assets, electronic currencies or digital currencies.

Anticipated to hit $1 Trillion in market cap.
A global form of accepted payment.
Can be traded without owning fiscal asset.
Shift application: Designed for beginners and professionals available on Apple Store and Android.
Shift is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use trading app in the world.
It’s as easy as: Copy & Paste!.
Full transparency of the trade.
Push notification & sound alert.
Trade status updates in real- time.
Real time pips tracking.
Risk management tool.
PipStars : view Traders skills in exclusive rank.
PipFy : Exclusive smart for copy and paste.
Exclusive filters and customizations.


At Ami Vision, we are proud of what we do because our vision is broad.
We are proud to see the evolution of our members on the human and financial aspects.

Our vision begins with mutual aid, which is why at Ami Vision we are also developing the humanitarian part. We are committed to helping people in need around the world. (Distribution of food, accessories, construction of a well, etc.).

Our last campaign dates back to last May, we came to the aid of a Koranic school in Madagascar where most of the children are orphans. Thanks to a sum raised in a jackpot we were able to distribute the food and accessories necessary for their learning for religion.

The Ami Vision team has a project to build a water well in Madagascar and help people in need around the world.

Quest Travel

How about traveling the world?

“Most people say that traveling is one of their goals. But travel can be expensive. So 95% dream of it and 5% actually do it ”.

With our app Quest, save Big on Lodging tours, Transportation and Cruises. We also teach you how to get Triple Rewards with Air Travel.

With Quest, the life is an adventure! So, get your bags and let’s enjoy!

Where can Quest take you?

Exclusive travel club saving up to 75%

Hôtels: 1m+ top brand hotel and resorts.
Cruise: 15 Major Cruise lines, River Cruises, yacht & sailboats.
Cars: 50,000 locations in 190 countries.
Flights: 950 Airline Poviders
900 airports lounges
Holiday Homes
Quest Trips
Market place (Holiday Auctions)
Activities: 20 000 Activities and Excursions in 1,000 Cities Globally Lifestyle.
80, 000 Quest Dollars + Monntly 2,000 Quest Dollars
Unlimited Guest Pass links
Exclusive experiences
Loyalty program
Benefit from 100% of available savings

You get paid when customers save money.

Do not wait any longer, come and try the adventure with us.
Turn your phone into your workplace.

At Ami Vision you will have a start-up training as well as the implementation of your objectives.
Constant and personalized follow-up
Daily training from novice to professional
Travel, gifts and challenges to be won.

Your journey starts here.

Production & Management

Latino Part

The Ami Vision team is growing because our vision is to be able to provide an opportunity to people who share our vision.

Our team is growing and so is our industry, after showing you the importance of digital and how to generate income today from your phone.

We are happy to announce our new vision to you.

We now take care of the management and booking of Latin urban artists (reggaeton, bachata) …. In the Middle East, Africa, Europe for events, showcase or partnership.

Desi Urban Music

Our vision is to be able to mix cultures and make different styles of music travel around the world.

This is the reason why we are also interested in Desi urban Music, for showcases, concerts & partnership / collab in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America etc.

What is Urban desi music?

Namely that the “Desi word” defines an individual who comes from the South Asian continent, without distinction of border (it can be an Indian, a Pakistani, a Bangladeshi).

Rapper Snoop Dogg’s latest release Desi Urban Music, a collaboration with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, is a recent example of urban desi, which blends South Asian pop culture with American hip-hop. Originating in the United Kingdom, the style of music spread to the United States and India.

The urban desi music scene is a niche genre that has become popular with artists like Jay Sean, Juggy D, Rishi Rich, Kami K, Raja Wilco, Raghav and more. The legends who brought this genre to a global stage have opened the doors for many other artists like Arjun, Mickey Singh, Raxstar and PropheC to expand this platform. However, these big names aren’t the only remarkable artists we have in this industry.

Masterclass Digital

from March 06 to 12, 2022 in Abu Dhabi

2022 new year, new challenges, new concept.

From March 6 to 12, 2022 Ami Vision takes you to the capital of the Emirates: Abu Dhabi.

We offer 2 formulas adapted to your profile.

We offer you a unique Digital & Entrepreneurship Masterclass with a new concept:
Immersion in business with an international dimension in various business sectors:

– Digital Marketing
– Real Estate
– Import-Export
– Finance

Learn – Live – Discover – and try your luck by submitting your CV.

Details of masterclasses

Our certifying Masterclass benefits from the right to CPF funding and therefore the approval of the French state.

5-star hotel with half board
Transfer: Airport – Hotel / Hotel – Airport
For departures from Reunion Island, please contact our team for more information regarding the offer we are offering with our official partner, Etihad Airways.

We have the UAE permissions to be able to produce this masterclass in accordance with the standards and rules of Emirati law from our agency which is registered with the government of economy of Dubai.



For more information and / or registration contact our team:

+33 6 35 59 48 41 / +33 6 65 66 38 58 for participants from France & Europe elsewhere.

+971 56 191 3794 for participants in Dubai.

Your journey starts here.