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Ami Vision is a small idea that started in Dubai. Our agency aims to demonstrate the power of new technologies & digital marketing with a 360° vision.

We’re optimistic, entrepreneurial, and restless whole-brain thinkers who embrace collaboration and get inspired by what we can accomplish together with our clients. Our passion for what we do and how we do it empowers us to build brands people believe in.

At Ami Vision Agency, we foster an environment where people work together to impact your business.

The branch in Dubai have more than 30 team working together in creating new ideas to creativity.


Amina Ghivalla

360° One Stop Shop

Our Vision, Your Vision

At Ami Vision, your vision is our vision. The bespoke services we offer are catered to meet all your needs. Find all things digital under one roof, from digital marketing, mobile app development, trading, financial market analysis, quest travel and humanitarian work.


With the strong partnership of IFZA and MLS Dubai we assist new companies to set up in the UAE with the acquisition of a freezone license and the necessary visas.

Digital Marketing

Ami Vision expertly manages the communication on social networks in order to increase the visibility of brands and via SEO to generate a maximum of traffic and thus potential turnover.

New Technologies

With a team of experienced engineers, we can deliver software, web, mobile applications with Blockchain architectures, in the fields of crypto, NFT, not to mention opportunities via Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Events & Production

Passionate about the world of music and events, we are committed to bringing artists from around the world to the forefront.
In collaboration with Nas Production []

What Can We Do For You?

Our goal at Ami Vision is to meet your needs and to assist you climb the digital ladder. By means of management, campaigning and brand development. All brands we deal with are take care of extensively to ensure a brighter and broader future.

Wealth Management

Seize opportunities in venture capital, stock markets, Real Estate (soon) and in the world of web 3.0 (crypto, NFT, metaverse…) to find new leverages to make your assets and holdings work for unbeatable returns on investment.

Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Our mission: to give everyone the opportunity to create their own vision and company by sharing knowledge and experiences over a week in inspiring locations around the world and to help each entrepreneur succeed in the best conditions.

Travel Agency

To make people travel, to make them dream, to make them move out the borders to open the mindset… Nothing is more pleasant than to make them discover the countries of the Gulf and the islands of the Indian Ocean via activities planned over a week by including the accommodation and the plane tickets in affordable packages.


Entrepreneurship is all about building and we get a lot back, so it goes without saying that giving must be part of Ami Vision’s DNA in order to bring much needed help to people in need around the world through non-profit missions: creating schools, water wells, school canteens and distributing meals, clothes and school supplies.



“Ami Vision introduced me to a new era of entrepreneurship with great support and a great vision that made me a better person today, whether on personal development or the financial aspect, it really made me feel help. I would like to thank Amina very much for this quality work and support”.

William Hoarau

“Ami Vision allowed me Thanks to Ami Vision I understood the potential of investing in oneself and especially the strength to make my money work thanks to the services offered. Ami Vision is a school of life and an opportunity for your financial development that should not be overlooked. I am very happy and satisfied to open my eyes to the importance of having a financial education in order to secure my future.”

Marthe Simba

“I chose Ami Vision for clarity in the explanations and to familiarize myself in the best possible way , it was a good experience I do not regret! “

Mahecor Toure

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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Andrew Carnegie

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It all started on a beautiful September 1st

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2020 will be never forgotten for many reasons

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